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“Jimmy Is Our Leader” was a common sight on most inner city school walls at the tim !Continued outbreaks of violence at the band’s gigs, particularly in early ’79 (caught here), led to growing speculation that Sham 69 were about to split.He dos it with the support of James, a policeman who had long done the same but without managing to reach the dome.Dog Years (1997); by Robert Loomis Dog Years is a 1997 action-comedy film directed by Robert Loomis; It was filmed entirely in Arizona and featured music by Arizona ska band Dave’s Big Deluxe.

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After being released from prison, Adam, the former leader of a neo-Nazi gang, is required to spend several months living in a small religious community, headed by a priest named Ivan.

When Corey starts dating Tommy’s kid sister Chrissy, the Daggers are furious. New Jersey Drive is a 1995 film about black youths in Newark, New Jersey, the unofficial “car theft capital of the world”.